ICEBB 2018

ICEBB 2018

2018 International Conference on E-business and Business Engineering (ICEBB 2018)

May 21-23, 2018, Chengdu, China

Charming Chengdu/魅力成都

Chengdu City is the capital of Sichuan Province now and called “Rongcheng City”. It is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China and located at the middle reaches of the Minjiang River in the middle of Sichuan Province in central Chengdu Plain.

Chengdu has been famous for its rich cultural heritages. Within its jurisdiction are Qionglai city, Chongzhou city and Pengzhou city, all of which are listed as Cities of Rich Cultural and Historical Heritage by the government of Sichuan province. In November 2000, Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Qingcheng Mountain (the Taoist Mountain) were ranked as Cities of the World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Besides, the local teahouses, snack bars and bazaars (also known as free markets) are still the popular places for tourists to frequent. One can either taste the typical Sichuan cuisine, local wine and tea or sort out his shopping of local special products like Shu embroidery pieces, bamboo- woven porcelain ware and lacquer ware or familiarize himself with local folklores and customs.

We just recommend some inner city sightseeings here, not the confirmed arrangement. The final arrangement will be provided at the early of May, 2018.

Chengdu Panda Base.It is popularly known that Chengdu is the home of giant Panda, and the giant panda breeding research base of Chengdu is the best place to visit these lovely creatures. More than 90 pandas are available there, it is a great fun to enjoy them in the half open yard. 

Qingyang Taoist Palace (also called Qingyang Taoist Temple). “Qingyang” literally means “green ram”. So the Qingyang Temple got its popular name from the two blue-green goats made of bronze in the Sanqing main Hall in the temple. The Qingyang Gong Daoist Temple has been famous as “No 01 Taoist Temple in Sichuan” and “No.01 Temple in West China”. Now It is a famous tourism and sightseeing attraction of Taoist cultural heritage.

Temple of Marquis ( also called Wuhou Shrine). Wuhou Shrine Chengdu was first built in memory of Zhuge Liang (181 – 234), the prime minister of Shu ( 221 – 263 ) of the Three Kingdoms ( 220 – 280). Zhuge Liang was a famous statesman, military strategist. He was also given the title of Marquis Wuxiang in his lifetime. “Wuhou” literally means “Wuxiang Marquis”. Now Wuhou Shrine is more than a shine. Instead, it has become a museum, the largest museum in China displaying the relics and introducing the history about the Three Kingdom.
Jinli Street. The Jinli Old Street is located just next door to Wuhou Shrine. Actually Jinli Street is part of the Wuhou Shrine Museum. It has become a major tourist attraction in Chengdu, attracting a great number of travelers each each year, which boasts of ancient buildings, traditional cultures, local food and customs.